Board Of management

Learn About Our Board Of Managment

‘The Board of Management of Presentation Secondary School demonstrates a very strong commitment to the school and its development.’

From the MLL Report October 2015 by the Inspectorate - Department of Education and Skills

Board of Management

Presentation Secondary School Warrenmount is a Voluntary Secondary School which is managed by a Board of Management composed of parents, teachers and trustees, in accordance with the philosophy and policy of the trustees CEIST and under their general supervision and control.

Current Board members are: 

Chairperson: Ms. Margaret Cavanagh.

Trustees’ Nominees: Ms. Kay O’Brien, Ms. Alice O’ Connell and Mr. Noel Roche.

Staff Nominees: Dr. Jennifer O’Kelly and Ms. Elva O’Neill.

Parents’ Nominees: Ms. Audrey McCann and Ms. Rita  Stynes.

Secretary: Ms. Gwen Brennan, Principal.

The Board of Management is a partnership of Parents’/Guardians’, Teachers’ and Trustees’ nominees and has the overall responsibility for every aspect of the school. The Board meet every month and are briefed by the Principal on the administrative, educational and pastoral matters pertaining to the school.


Presentation Secondary School Warrenmount is a Catholic Voluntary Secondary School for girls only, operating under the Trusteeship of CEIST, a trust body for the voluntary secondary schools of the Presentation Sisters, the Daughters of Charity, the Sisters of the Christian Retreat, the Sisters of Mercy and the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.  We support the Religious and Educational Philosophy of our foundress, Venerable Nano Nagle and CEIST. As a CEIST school we are committed to:

  • Promoting spiritual and human development
  • Achieving quality in teaching and learning
  • Showing respect for every person
  • Creating community
  • Being just and responsible